Top Casino Insider Secrets You Need to Know About

Top Casino Insider Secrets
February 16, 2023 0 Comments

What secrets lie behind the walls of the world’s most popular casinos? Over the years, the secrets of the casino industry have been closely guarded by the public. But, some of the best casino insider secrets have surfaced over the years, allowing players to gain a slight edge in the game of chance. Whether you use your Bizzo Casino Login or go to an actual physical location, you need to know about these insider secrets.

High Roller

One of the primary secrets casinos use to increase profits is called the High Roller perk. This is a strategy employed by casinos to ensure the most profitable guests stick around for a longer period of time and bet more money. An individual from the VIP team will identify who is spending the most money, and then offer them perks, such as a free stay in a suite, free food, and more to keep them coming back. This strategy has been a major contributor to the profitability of casinos and has worked wonders for them over the years.



Another insider secret that casinos have employed is taking advantage of jet-setting customers. Many high net-worth individuals will fly around the world to visit various casinos, giving the casinos an opportunity to offer them special deals, such as a cashback or complimentary room in exchange for their loyalty. The casinos are also careful to limit the number of losses they suffer due to these strategies, while still gaining the benefit of a guaranteed customer base.

Game Control

Casinos also keep tight control over their slots and gaming machines. The vast majority of casinos have central operating systems that control the payouts and return percentage of their slots and gaming machines. This ensures that the house always has the advantage, and leaves customers with little chance of winning big. The casinos also regularly tighten and loosen the payouts on machines, ensuring that they retain control over the level of profits they make from the gaming areas.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots

Casinos also use the concept of progressive jackpots to keep people coming back for more. A progressive jackpot grows with every bet placed, offering increasingly larger rewards for those who stay around longer. This way, people have the incentive to continue plugging away at the casino, hoping they’ll be the ones to hit the big jackpot. Casinos earn more in profits this way, due to the extended stay of their clientele.

Comp Points

Casinos use the concept of comp points to reward members and keep them coming back. Comp points are rewards given to customers for regular visits to the casino and for spending money at their tables. Comp points can be used for things like free meals, drinks, and more, making it more profitable for the casino to keep their customers coming back.

As you can see, casinos have an array of insider secrets to help maximize their profits. From encouraging high rollers to use their loyalty schemes, casinos have used a combination of tactics to ensure their businesses remain profitable. With a bit of knowledge, you can now understand how these tactics are implemented and are better able to choose the casinos you’d like to visit.

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