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football multi bets
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There’s no doubt that football is our favourite sport. Millions of people around the world play and watch the beautiful game and every day several matches are played all over the world. For the savvy football fan, this means there are plenty of chances to turn your knowledge into smart betting strategies and profits and at a modern bookmaker like Mr Green there will be a huge selection of football betting markets to play on, including multi betting where you can win big money.

What is football multi betting

The most normal starting point for someone betting on football is the simple outcome market where there are three options: home win, away win or draw. Odds on the three outcomes are usually not very high and if you regularly bet on the favourites at low odds, you often need a lot of patience and bankroll to play for if you want to make a significant profit. However, multi-betting can come to your aid.

Overall profit

Overall profit

So what exactly is multi-betting? It’s a type of betting where all your bets are combined, with the winnings from the first bet being pooled with the next and so on. If one’s multi bet wins, then the odds will be multiplied by each other and the winnings will thus be much higher.

Big money with low stakes

The disadvantage of multi bets is that they are only won if all the matches on a ticket are won. If just one is lost, then all winnings on the ticket will be lost. The advantage of multi-betting is that you can make a big profit on just a small deposit. Unlike betting on a single match which requires a large stake for a large profit, a multi bet can give you the same large profit with a low stake. This is also why this kind of betting is popular with players who don’t want to play for large amounts.

Several types of multi bets

When playing multi bets you will most often see words like double, triple, quadruple and so on. This helps to describe the number of matches being bet on. So if you have a ticket with two matches it will be a double, while a ticket with four matches will be a quadruple. In theory, there is no limit to how many matches you can have on a single ticket and you can combine bets from many different markets at Mr Green.

What do I win?

The principle of multi-betting is to take the odds from the different bets and multiply them together with the stake. For example, let’s say you’ve bet £50 on a four-way bet on a number of Premier League matches at Mr Green:

  • Leicester City to beat Hull at odds of 1.5
  • Arsenal to beat Swansea at odds of 1.4
  • Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion to draw at odds of 3.0
  • Chelsea and Southampton to draw at odds of 5.0

If you have guessed all the matches correctly, multiply the odds by your stake as follows: 50 kr x 1.5 x 1.4 x 3 x 5 = 1450 kroner. If you are unsure how to calculate your potential winnings, there are many good online calculators where you can enter the odds for each bet along with your stake to show how much you could potentially win.

Look for each-way bets

Look for each-way bets

One way you can even out the risk is to bet on each-way bets, which you’ll usually be able to do on outcomes that take longer, such as the winner of the Premier League or the Champions League winner. An each-way bet is basically two bets, where you can bet on a team winning a league, for example, but still win money if they finish in one of the second places. In multi-betting, this means that you can still win even if your original bet does not go as expected.

Play more coupons with multi bets

Another way to even out the risk is by playing multiple bets with some of the same matches. For example, you may have selected six matches to start with. Instead of having one ticket with all six matches, you can choose to split it up and have multiple tickets, where for example you have one ticket with four matches and another with two matches. This means that even if some of your matches are not won, you can still end up winning money on the other ticket. This is just one of the many ways you can make a profit playing multi bets at Mr Green.

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