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There is no sport as popular as football. The sport is played in every country around the world, so it’s only natural that sports betting on football can be played all over the world. Hundreds of matches are played every week all over the world, giving people who bet on football fantastic opportunities to win money. A high quality bookmaker like Mr Green will offer a myriad of different betting options and is one of the most consistent in the Over Under betting market.

What is Over Under betting?

When most people start betting on football, the first choice will often be to choose from the most common kind of bet in football: how the match will end. Here, you can choose a home win, a draw or an away win. This is fine for the beginner or hobby player, but there are also other good options that can give you a profit. One of these one also finds at Mr Green is Over Under Betting.

How Over Under betting works

How Over Under betting works

Over Under Betting is one of those markets that has the advantage of being easy to understand. For example, if you take an Over Under 2.5 target market. If you think that in a particular Premier League match more than 2.5 goals will be scored, then bet on the Over. On the other hand, if you think less than 2.5 goals will be scored, then bet on the Under. One of the big advantages of Over Under betting is that draws are not an option, so it’s easier to work out what to bet on.

Plenty of options

When it comes to Over Under betting, you will find a number of markets to choose from. Any modern bookmaker like Mr Green will offer a range of Over Under markets from Over Under 0.5 goals up to Over Under 4.5 goals. However, the most popular market to bet on is the Over Under 2.5 goals market.

Two or three goals?

Although the exact number varies from league to league and country to country, statistics show that in the average football match, between 2.4 and 2.6 goals are scored. This means that odds for the Over Under 2.5 goals market are usually close to 2.0 for both the Over and the Under. Of course, this does not apply to the less popular outcomes, so if you want great odds, try betting on Over Under 4.5 goals!

Keep an eye on the average

Keep an eye on

Many punters trying to win money in the Over Under market are blinded by the average in number of goals scored. They look back at recent matches for both teams and calculate the average of how many goals each team has scored in the past to get an idea of how many they will score in the future. This sounds like a good betting strategy on paper. The problem, however, is that just one or two matches with many goals could change the average significantly, even if you assume a large number of matches to calculate the average with.

For example, assuming that in Liverpool’s last 15 Premier League games 45 goals have been scored, this would give an average of three goals per game. Therefore, it will be tempting to bet on the Over in an Over Under 2.5 goals market for the next matches. But what if two of the last matches have ended 4-2 and 5-1? If you take them out of the average calculation then the average will be 2.53 and thus the Over Under game on 2.5 goals is not so obvious anymore.

Look for trends

So when trying to predict future goals based on past results, look for trends instead. So instead of looking for the average number of goals per game, look for how many games are actually scored or not scored over 2.5 goals. For example, let’s say this has happened in just 7 out of 15 games for Liverpool. This is just under half and should therefore keep a player from betting on Over 2.5 goals at odds of 2.0.

Go deeper for bigger profit

As with any other form of betting, you will earn more if you go deeper in your analysis. Experienced punters in Over Under betting don’t just look at the number of goals scored. They go in-depth with statistics and get a more in-depth picture of teams and what they have the potential to do. This means looking at shots on goal, goals conceded, who is scoring the goals and so on. All of which can help give you an edge when playing the Over Under markets at Mr Green.

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